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Amazon FBA Prep Services

An Amazon store that is fully prepared and properly packaged is a thing anyone would love to have. We at Gliztech help reduce delays by properly packaging and preparing a fully functional Amazon FBA store

Receive & Inspect

Upon arrival, the items are inspected and inventoried. Throughout the shipment process, you will be kept informed at all times. All you need to do is to Check our GLiz Tracker for regular updates.


Time is money, so the more time you lose in preparing your product, the more money you will lose. Each item is individually labeled and polybagged as per Amazon’s detailed requirements. 

FNSKU Labeling

FNSKU labels are printed and stuck to every item or polybag order. Moreover, we will add master cartons. 


Combining items in a single package, as it increases the value of the products as a whole.


To make it end-user-ready, we make customized packaging.

Warning and Other Labels

Made in China and suffocation warning labels on every item or polybag order. 

Poly Bagging. Furthermore, For each product, we will provide an FBA-approved polybag. 

Marketing Materials

Each of your packages will contain an insert instruction manual, thank you card, or other marketing materials required. 

Update inventory in Seller Central & Create Shipping Labels

As of now, your AmazonFulfillment center is ready, your inventory is updated in your seller central where it is labeled and shipped. Check all your updates in your Glitz Tracker. 

Congratulations! The FBA Prep Process is done without lifting a finger!

When should you use an FBA prep service?

The hassle of inspecting, prepping, and shipping packages to meet Amazon’s strict requirements can lessen the benefits of Amazon’s fulfillment service. 

Amazon is constantly rejecting your packages

Package rejection can be disastrous for your Amazon business. Paying high shipping fees and still your customers end up empty-handed. Gliztech experts will help you to meet Amazon’s specifications and make sure your packages never get rejected.

How long does preparation take?

It is entirely dependent on the intricacy and number of your preparation products. We will try our best to finish prep in 48 hours.

Can you pick up from multiple suppliers?

Yes, and we also provide up to 14 days of free storage, so you don’t have to plan your things to come at the same time.

Amazon FBA Prep Services