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Effective amazon product hunting techniques | Proper guideline

Effective amazon product hunting techniques

Amazon product hunting techniques

Amazon product hunting techniques is a  process of doing research for products to sell on amazon. It is mainly remaining up to date on the new product trends and market trends and choosing winning products. It is an effective process of grabbing products at lower costs and selling them at competitive prices. Amazon product research helps sellers to maintain a great profit margin. 

On amazon, feedback plays an important role in selling products. In that case, winner products help to fetch good reviews. Amazon product research requires valuable factors to be considered. In this blog, you will know most about amazon product research and the effective Amazon product hunting techniques.

Importance of product research

Whilst selling on amazon, we must have to keep in mind that“All that glitters are not gold”. We can not sell products according to our wishes. We can not leave them without analyzing the current market situation, consumer demands, and consumer choices. Spending a good amount of time on product research will give you enough profit. Choosing the best product for selling on amazon is the first criterion. You will more likely lose your profit by choosing products randomly because consumers’ choice doesn’t move with your product’s choice. So do sell what is selling as winning products. In a brief, you have to choose products having huge demand with lower will be a great potential for maximizing profit.

Ways to do product research

As mentioned above, product research is an important part of selling on Amazon, you can do amazon products research in many other effective ways.

Amazon itself is a great source of product research. You can get information from amazon’s best sellers page. It always displays top selling products. By searching categories and subcategories you can perform a quick check to find out items that are sold mostly on amazon. 

From product selling information, you will be able to find out which products are going to satisfy your target customer. Always try to choose medium-ranged products and lower competition. Because limited competition will let you win the market. 

Sellers can also generate product ideas from amazon storefront, retail stores, amazon basics, Pinterest, etc.

You can also analyze competitors’ tactics by checking their product listing pages. Their method of holding customers and grabbing new customers and their selling method will give you enough information for amazon product research. You can see through amazon’s best sellers page for getting information about your competitors. If their product listing pages and official websites are available, don’t forget to visit them. Furthermore, search keywords on search engines to know more about your competitors outside amazon. All of these will help you to know about the insights of mostly reviewed products getting good ratings and acquiring customer satisfaction. 

Another practical way is to buy products from your competitors so that you can understand their tactics or the services they offer to their customers.

One last method of doing research is to use automated methods. You can use different kinds of tools available on online platforms to remain up-to-date on the market changes, customer demand, new products, etc. 

Amazon product research requirements

  1. Products having more than 10 sales or more than 10 sales each day.
  2. Prices range from $ 10 to $ 50
  3. Having monthly related keyword searches of more than 50000 on amazon.
  4. Products selling throughout the year.
  5. Products weighted under 2 or 3 pounds.
  6. 2 or 3 products having less than 50 reviews.
  7. Products having no brand names or trademarks.
  8. Avoid frangible items.
  9. Products have various keyword opportunities.
  10. Products without any legal issues.
  11. Possibility of expanding brands with various products.


Effective Amazon product hunting techniques

Sellers need to be updated by knowing the current market trend. It will help them in choosing winning products and resulting in higher sales. Product research helps sellers to get cheap products with highly competitive prices. It also ensures maintaining a good profit margin and meeting customers’ needs profitability. Research is the fundamental criterion to find a winning product on amazon. So it is important to know the effective ways to carry out research. Some of the effective Amazon product hunting techniques are narrated below.

Amazon list

Sellers need to research amazon’s best sellers lists, movers and shakers, gift idea section, and ‘most wished for’ section. These can let you have a look over the probable products you are going to choose for your inventory. However, you need to use the amazon bestsellers page for starting your product research. You will find tabs on the top of the page very necessary and useful when you need to do amazon product research. You have to go and search deeply for Amazon bestsellers with its subcategories. 

It is wise to evaluate the top 100 bestselling products in any category with subcategories. Moreover, you can choose the top sub-categories for your research. You may find popular products facing less competition. So it will be a wise decision to source better versioned and updated products than the original current market products. Ultimately it will help you to niche your supreme product. 

You can use hot new releases to get to know about the new product releases and ongoing or trending products. A quicker and smarter way of research lets you grab the market by sourcing a product before the release date of a popular item. moreover, you can make cash straight away.

For discovering 24 hours of activity of products you can use movers and shakers. Through this method, you can track your preferred product before finalizing it for sourcing. You can also use products that have huge demand or are listed as gift items. You will be able to see trending products and it will be easy for you to do niche research.

Continuous communication with the current supplier

Another product research strategy could be strong communication with your supplier to have an unofficial lower price of best-selling products and new product trends. It is normal to get lower unit costs if you order from the same source again and again. Also, you can get inside information like new product ideas from your suppliers.

Focus on competitor’s activity

Amazon PPC is an advertising platform for sellers. It offers sellers to create ad campaigns for their products. Using campaigns gives sellers to get more sales. Sellers pay for advertising campaigns for their profitable products. So it can be an easier way to find out profitable products and do product research.

Make use of  google trends

Google trends can help in doing amazon products research. You can use Google trend in two methods. The first one is to search on google trends to know a product. You will also have a related product search on google trends. It is better to have ideas for your research. Another way is to set up alerts on google trends.  You will be notified about the popular topics directly. Consequently, you will get a chance to investigate relevant ideas or topics for your business.

eBay trending list

eBay is another source of product information and helps you with your Amazon product research. Any item selling on eBay mostly is more likely to sell on Amazon too. eBay is an ideal place to know on-demand products for your selling on amazon. All the products will not meet your requirements but you still can find lots of information for your desired product for sourcing.

Search for most wished products

This will let you know products have good profit margins and lower competition. Also, you will know about products having sales on holidays. Try to find out gift items according to the category of your interest. Indeed it will save your time on doing Amazon product research.

Find bestsellers from browsing Ali express

Ali express is one of the best ways for your amazon product research. It is one of the largest marketplaces with free access. Though Ali express doesn’t have a page for best-selling products, you can find best-selling products easily through your own investigation. This investigation can be done in three ways

  1. selecting a category or subcategory will be helpful to find out best-selling products.
  2. For knowing the highest sold products, you have to sort results by orders.
  3. Find out the highest-rated products by filtering out the results.

However, after finishing those above processes, you will be able to see top-selling products on Ali express.

Products on trend

Go for top trending products. Choose products that ranked topped and have a huge demand among the particular product category. For instance, hair care products or water bottles grab customers’ demands throughout the year. You can choose any trending item like water bottles or haircare products and make accessories for those.

Avoidable product categories

As a seller, you have to keep in mind that all products don’t have the same value and demand. So it is better to avoid complex products like electronic products, paintings, etc. also you should avoid products that are complicated to manufacture and have complex shipping issues. Products like foods, skincare items, nutritional supplements, and clothing should also be avoided. Because customers might have brand preferences in choosing those kinds of products. If you avoid suck kinds of products in the first phase of your research, you will make the best use of effective Amazon product hunting techniques.