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Amazon Seller Account Management

Reviving and growing your Amazon business can be daunting, we are here to offer you end-to-end Amazon account management service. We will manage amazon seller account that helps you to make a huge amount of profit. 

With years of experience in handling all kinds of account issues related to Amazon account management, we will provide you with result-oriented data-driven solutions to build you a profitable and successful Amazon Seller Account.

Our expert Amazon team has worked with a varied range of products and has played a crucial role in the success of our client’s business. It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, whether you are a beginner, third-party, or first-party our skilled and experienced team will use our Amazon account management services, which will serve all your needs and requirements.

Your Amazon presence is important and our team will focus on increasing that presence by implementing the strategies required. We will manage amazon seller account like an Amazon Virtual Assistant so that you can focus on other sources of revenue generation.

manage amazon seller account

Our Full Account Management Amenity Covers

✅ Calibrating & Setting Up a Seller Central Account

First, We will register your account and instruct and guide you throughout the entire process and solve any issues immediately.

✅ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With tools, skills, and experience we will rank you on Amazon with ease. We know that keywords are important for brand visibility. We will use only profitable keywords with a combination that includes long-tail, short-tail, and high-volume keywords.

✅ Product Listing Management

Processes involving product lists will be done with specific categories with specific details like SKU, content, search term, attributes, etc. Moreover, bulk and parent-child listings will be done by us.

✅ Product Launch

Our product launch service takes you to high places. We will strategically plan and execute the launch phase of your product with positive constructive feedback from your customers. We will use efficient and effective marketing techniques with combined brand-protective measures that will keep your precious content safe from hijackers and counterfeiters.

✅ Listing Optimization

With SEO proficiency, we will effectively utilize in expanding and maximizing page conversion rate with effective hi-value keywords.

✅ Enhanced Brand Content

Our focus will be to use keyword indexing to elaborate advantages of product offers and present in a strategic layout with rich image and to the point targeted descriptions. 

✅ Brand Registry & Protection

Brand protection is fundamental without it a brand is nothing. We will guide you step by step to register your brand during the submission of all the required documents which will safeguard your brand from malicious entities such as counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.

✅ Logistics

Reliability, Trust, and Loyalty are the 3 words we value the most. Our experience and knowledge in the rules and guidelines involving logistics are unquestionable as we have served over 250+ clients, we will handle all your logistic worries. 

✅ Category Approval

With the arsenal of all the required tools and tricks, we will get your approval of all restricted categories with ease, all we need is the required information from you.

✅ Supervise Case Logs

Cases generated by Amazon are created, submitted, managed, responded to, and constantly followed upon. We will serve as the primary point of contact between you and Amazon support in order to provide regular updates.

✅ Product Optimization

Optimizing, Boosting, and Raking your product will lead to increased sales. Our experts a Gliztech will enhance the searchability and visibility of your product by doing SEO-friendly and informative keyword-rich content making it more reachable to a wide range of buyers. 

✅ Amazon Sponsored ADS

We have certified Google Adwords experts which will handle all your PPC campaigns, scale for bids and add correct matched keywords. We will cater to Unique PPC Strategy for each of your products so that every cent of your ads is put to good use. 

✅ Order Control

Give your consumers a flawless shopping experience by routing order status updates and managing late shipping rates as well as subsequent changes in orders such as returns and refunds.

We will give your customers a smooth shopping experience and route order status updates, moreover, we will manage all your late shipments and subsequent changes to orders on any refunds or returns. 

✅ Overall Account Condition

We know what’s best for your account, however, we will examine and evaluate all of your account’s performance and metrics in accordance with Amazon Standards.