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Amazon store optimization From Amazon Seller Central

Amazon store optimization

Amazon seller central is a complete selling incentive for online merchants to sell their products to a vast amount of customers. It is mainly used by independent sellers referred to as third-party sellers. Third-party sellers provide thousands of different products to their targeted customers through Amazon. These sellers use amazon stores for showing their products or services to the customers. For that reason, amazon store optimization is a crucial point for sellers to get a win from the huge competition. 

What services does seller central provide?

Amazon seller central enables manufacturers, business owners, brand owners, resellers, and retailers, to sell their products direct to the end customers. It helps them to develop their business. Different kinds of useful features can be found in the seller central tab such as catalog, inventory, pricing, advertising, and so many other services. Each of the features is important to a seller. For instance, a seller can navigate through the inventory tab and find a tab called “sell globally”, which helps sellers learn how to sell products globally. For building a brand globally, amazon seller central provides enough services to sellers.

Why is amazon seller central needed?

According to Nielsen Media Research, there are more than 500000 brands around the world in more than 2000 product categories. To ace in this highly competitive era, brands need to use e-commerce sites. Maintaining separate personnel for the different categories is costly. You can smartly avoid these costs by only using amazon seller central effectively. Its business handling power will work like a supernova by reducing your cost and time.

How do you make a seller account on Amazon?

To access the well-designed seller central, you should have a seller central account on amazon. You need to make a choice between an amazon individual or a professional seller account. 

✅ First, go to “” and create a new account. 

✅ After signing up for that new account, you will be notified with a verification code. 

✅ Immediately after verifying your account, you have to fill in the information about the business location, business type, and business name, and then press” agree and continue”.

✅ The next part is to fill in business information.

✅ After filling up business information, you need to fill in personal information for your business.

✅ Enter your billing information.

✅ Next, add information for your product.

✅ After that, identification verification is required. Once verification is completed, you are all set.

Amazon seller central dashboard 

Amazon seller central is an e-commerce hub for online business merchandisers. It enabled sellers to have a glimpse of their overall business. The seller central dashboard contains amazing features like managing inventory, inventory planning, managing pricing, managing orders, managing stores, exploring programs, and much more. It allows a seller to reach millions of customers and analyze overall business health. Anyone can do business through amazon’s seller central without having a personal website. This amazingly crafted dashboard has ensured sellers a less stressful journey throughout their business timeline. What’s more, amazon created a service called FBA( fulfillment by amazon), which starts with managing inventory and ends with proper customer service.

Amazon seller central FBA

Amazon fulfillment has reduces a lot more tasks for sellers, retailers, and brand owners. Amazon fulfillment helps to minimize tasks like storage, shipment, handling payments, and customer services. This task requires employees at a business organization. But with FBA, you can have these services smoothly provided without having to worry about shipment, payment, and a lot of tasks like this.

Advantages of FBA

Effective customer services: Amazon gives proper customer services on behalf of the owners. It fulfills customer orders, provides customer services, generates sales, and also handles payments.

Free shipment: 

With amazon fulfillment service, your products get ready to deliver through amazon prime with free two-day shipping, and customers are able to get free shipping on eligible orders.

Grab new customers: Amazon FBA makes products more visible to loyal customers and simultaneously it finds new customers worldwide.

Creates simplicity: Amazon FBA sources products and helps the brand owners to grow up through its fast shipping, and proper customer services. When amazon FBA effectively manage all these tasks, brand owners or retailers are free to focus on their business.

FBA business reports: Seller central provides business reports to the sellers and lets them know how their business going, whether it making profits or not. 

FBA business reports include the following

✅ Sales report: A sale report is a sale inspection report to look over different kinds of selling activities. FBA sales report contains various sub-reports like orders. Customer shipment sales, sales tax, promotions, etc

✅ Inventory report: An inventory report summarizes the overall inventory outlook including existing inventory, fastest-selling inventory, category performance, and other inventory management-related tasks. This report includes inventory reconciliation, daily and monthly inventory, inventory adjustment, inventory health, inbound performance, and other inventory insight reports.

✅ Payments reports: Payment reports refers to periodical receivables and payables of a business. Important payments reports like long-terp storage fees, reimbursements, statement view, and transaction view will help you to have a standard transaction summary throughout the business period.

Other reports like customer concessions reports, and removal reports, helps business owner to look up overall business growth.

Amazon storefront

On seller central, within the seller profile, the Amazon store can be found. Online customers can easily create their virtual store. It offers you an enticing platform to introduce customers to your brand story, mission, vision, and products or services you are offering.

Creating Storefront

✅ Log into the seller central account find store tools and go to the seller central homepage. 

✅ store settings come with a brand name, brand logo, and product grid style. A brand name creates a valuable indication in the customer’s mind. Customer is aware of brand value as it represents the quality, benefits, etc of a particular brand product. A brand logo is a symbol or graphic mark for a brand identity. The product grid style lets you choose how your product will appear in your stores in compliance with its length, width, and color.

✅ In the next step, you have to add a page meta description for your store or a customized amazon store. In this section, you can select options like a marquee, product highlight, product grid, or blank. Once the template is selected click on “create page”. 

✅ To activate a navigation feature on your home page to create numerous pages within amazon stores this will let your customer browse within the catalog and see what your brand offers. Sellers can add as many tiles as they want.

✅ On the add tile button, you can choose your desired tile. Add products listings by clicking on a tile. Once the product is listed, it will appear as a tile slot and this tile will display your product, image, and price. You are all set up. Now click on “submit for publishing” from the navigation bar.

Amazon store optimization

For optimizing the amazon store, you must have your brand registered. This is the only requirement for accessing building stores. But remember, each brand cannot have more than one store. Amazon storefronts don’t require any cost to build up and allow you to go through customized tiles. Customize tiles are designed to give customers a nice and strong impression of a particular brand. you can add any relevant text, images, or videos by mentioning your products or services. 

Effective tips for amazon store optimization

Product name and description: product names are important as it represents a product. However, For amazon store optimization,  product name and description plays a greater role. A brief product description is necessary for attracting your customer’s attention and letting them know the benefits and usefulness of that particular product. The product description must be within 200 words and should highlight the main features of the product. You should do some amazon product research on doing that properly.

Browse nodes: Browse nodes help recognize products from product categories.  Browse nodes are referred to as product codes that provide information and recognize the distinctness of a product.

Product images: in the world of online marketing, images play a vital role. Therefore, images are required for amazon store optimization.

Competitive pricing: to compete with the competitors, a strong pricing strategy can help amazon store optimization. 

Conclusion: amazon store optimization is easy under amazon seller central. After establishing FBA, optimization has become easier on Amazon. Storefront is one of amazon’s key features to magnify your brand visibility. It helps maintain stable business growth. Amazon storefront gives the authorization to set up a virtual store and have customer loyalty.