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Business Bank Account

Need to open a Business bank account while not being an Resident? Are you looking for better options to work remotely? Possibly, you are confused by the rules and documentation needed. No worries, friend! gliztech is here to settle all your complications.

Why Business Bank Account?

One of the main concerns is how to send and receive money from the individuals with whom you are doing business. Also, how to open a UK account? This is where Gliztech can assist you in setting up a corporate UK bank account with a minimum of fuss.

Having a local USA bank account makes a lot of things easier. You can make your payments to associated companies up to eight times cheaper than your local bank account.

Also, it becomes easier for anyone who needs to make payments to you. Even most international businesses need a USA bank account to ensure safe business with U.S customers.

Types on USA Bank Account for Non-resident Businessman

Business Checking Account: With minimum service fees, it manages your cash flow, deposits, customer payments, and money withdrawal.
Business Savings Account: For long-term deposits, it ensures better interest rates but minimum service fees.

How Can We Help You?

Business Globalizer has excellent relationships with key contact in most of USA financial institutions. Even without your physical presence in the United States, we can provide you a USA bank account, including everything. Some of our steps for opening your corporate bank account are:

  • We can help you choose the best plan from the best bank according to your business needs.
  • USA bank authority demands Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) while opening a bank account. Non-residents may not have an SSN. On behalf of you, we will help you get your ITIN, which is issued by the IRS.
  • We will handle all your documentation wherever needed.
  • We can help you get a TrasferWise Borderless Account if needed. It’s a great alternative if you work remotely.
  • We can help you arrange debit and credit cards.
  • All in all, Business Globalizer works as a complete bank opening solution to any jurisdictions in the United States.