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Best company formation service UK

Everyone’s dream is to have a great business in a big marketplace. The USA is one of the big markets to do business. Many businessmen around the world are giving such effort to grow their business in the business. 
We, Gliztech best company formation service UK, will help you to start the business.

UK Company registration (Package) is one of the essential works if you want to start a business in the UK. Wherever it is, starting a new business is a daunting experience. There are several rules and features that you need to consider to start a new business. This is where Business Globalizer can help you to register and set up a new company anywhere in the United Kingdom.

What Are The Types Of UK Companies?

In the United Kingdom, there are four types of companies you may start.

  • Private Company Limited by Shares (Ltd) – A class of private limited companies that have shareholders with limited liability and its shares may not be accessible to the common public.
  • Private Company Limited by Guarantee – A type of corporation that doesn’t have a shareholder, but the members act as guarantors.
  • Private Unlimited Company – A hybrid corporation combined with or without share capital. Here, the legal liability of members or shareholders is not limited.
  • Private Company Limited by Shares (plc) – A limited liability company whose share may be freely sold to the common public through a stock exchange.

Your business category can be anything but UK Company registration (Package) is the most important work you need to do.

Rules and features for setting up a company in the United Kingdom

  • A UK company must have an official address inside the UK. (Business Globalizer can provide office address service)
  • You can register a limited company in England and Wales, Northern United Kingdom and Scotland.
  • With a registered company in the UK, you can operate your business from anywhere in the world.
  • The proprietor and shareholders of the company are safe from business liabilities.
  • The company must file annual tax returns along with HM revenue and customs.
  • The PCL by shares must have one shareholder, at least one neutral director, and a secretary (optional).
  • As said by the Companies Act 2006, the officers of the company can be from overseas countries or non-citizen of the UK.
  • The owner must open a UK bank account (Business Globalizer can help you here).

With this in mind, Business Globalizer can help you in setting a new company by providing a registered office address in the UK. We also can support you in setting up a UK bank account.