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Low cost Company Formation service in USA

Everyone’s dream is to have a great business in a big marketplace. The USA is one of the big markets to do business. Many businessmen around the world are giving such effort to grow their business in the business. 
We, Gliztech provide low cost Company Formation service in USA and help you to start a business in the USA.


USA is not that tough to start a business and do registration. The country is business friendly and every year there are lots of business entrepreneurs start new business.

If you are a non-resident of USA, you’ll get some of the advantages here:

  • Environment is business friendly.
  • Opportunity to broaden the idea.
  • Talented people are easily found.
  • Low tax.
  • Various ethnicity. You can reach to many people.

Rules to Open A Business in USA

If anyone want to start a new business in the US, they must have to select business types first. After that they have to get listed under the review of each state. Each state have their own name registration.

To start a new business as a non-resident, you’ll have to choose the types of business entities that are formed under state law. Each state has its own laws and rules. Also, individual states have their own register of names.

Here are a few general rules for most states:

  • A minimum of one director is required.
  • The director can be non-resident.
  • Directors are not mandatory to be listed in the article of incorporation.
  • The least share capital is $1.
  • If the shares increases, it may cause an increase in the initial filing fee.
  • The company designation must hold corporation, incorporation, or abbreviation.
  • The company name should be unique.
  • The company should have an EIN to pay local taxes.