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How to optimize amazon product image step by step | Best Seller Guide

How to optimize amazon product image

Sellers need to attract customers for selling products to them. But one problem is that there are a lot of products in the whole world. Every product has alternatives. To increase sales among the huge collections of the same category product, the first impression can play a better role in ranking a product among those. For product selling, a first impression can be created through product images that represent a product’s color, design, and structure. A good quality product image is mandatory for having more sales. Sometimes consumers avoid products just because of having low-quality product images. Images create a definite structure of a product that lasts long in a consumer’s mind and creates an effective impression to buy that product. A brief guide about how to optimize amazon product image is crafted throughout the blog.

Image optimization

Sellers must know how to optimize amazon product image. Image optimization is a mandatory process for generating a solid base in a customer’s mind that influences them to buy products. Amazon product listing requires high-quality product images to get more sales on amazon. Because quality product image catches customer’s attention and brings more sales. 

“Quality creates differences”. Hence it is also applicable to amazon product photographs. On Amazon, the same category products are displayed on different pages. Maintaining the standard of the quality image is mandatory for the amazon product category. Image resolution, image size, frame, and format, matter in the product ranking. Image optimization creates a path to hit the top searches. 

Amazon’s A9 algorithm: Amazon’s A9 algorithm system helps amazon to decide product ranking in search results. The A9 algorithm includes CTR( click-through rate) representing the number of clicks received by your ad and divided by the number of times your ad is shown.

A9 algorithm also includes CR(Conversation rate) which divides the number of conversations by the number of total ad interactions tracking conversation at the same time.

The click amount and purchasing amount also help a product to rank top. In this case product’s photo is a crucial point to getting top-ranked. As stated above, a first impression means a lot.

Requirements for ranking a product on amazon:

Fulfillment of technical requirements for the image listing on amazon helps products to rank top. 

Size of the image: On a single side a 16oo pixels image is the preferable size for an amazon image. Images should be at least 500 pixels for the longest side and 10000 pixels for the maximum size. Sellers have to demonstrate images between 500 pixels and 10000 pixels.

Image ratio: amazon product image should be 1:1 square and the dimension 2000*2000.

Also, amazon allows having maximum zoom-in at about a 5:1 ratio.

Image frame: the image must be filled with more than 50% to 85% of the available frame.  The standard size is 85% of the available frame. Amazon will reject the product if images fill 100% or 50 % of the frame.

Background color: Amazon prefers the product’s image to be placed on a pure white background. 

Color mode: amazon uses CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and key black) as the primary color pigment. also, sRGB(standard red, green, blue) is also used by Amazon.

File format: JEPG is the standard format for product images on amazon. But one can use JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFFfiles for products. The file size should be 10 MB at the maximum level.

Guidelines for primary images on amazon: Amazon’s products have more than one product image. when buyers search for a particular product, a primary image is shown on the first search. This primary product image gives buyers a sense to recognize that product.

Guidelines for amazon images

sellers should aware of the proper image sizes, qualities and so many other things as images play an important role in selling products on amazon. 

Amazon’s primary image guideline: 

✅ The image must present the entire product outlook so that buyers can easily identify that product by having a little glimpse of the product’s photo. Furthermore, the Image needs to be in focus. 

✅ The image should be professionally taken of the product being sold. Amazon doesn’t allow drawing or illustrated product images.

✅  Images must be on white background.

✅ The image should be naturalistic to look at. It should have the power to convince people to buy that product.

✅ The amazon product image should fill 85% of the space. 

✅ A zoom-in feature is available for products images on amazon at about 1000 dpi. But images less than 72 dpi may be rejected by Amazon. 

Avoidable things:

Product image should be simple. It must not contain extra graphics or text.

✅ Image should be clear and concise. Sketching, and drawings of a product are not permissible on amazon.

✅ Shaded, blear, dull image is not allowed on the amazon product image.

✅ Any kind of watermark, texts, trademarks, decorations, and borders should be avoided on the amazon product images.

Guidelines for alternative amazon images

For addressing more information about a product, additional images must be included. Sellers can upload eight supportive product images along with the main product image.

✅ Images should be captured from different angles so that the product can be shown perfectly. Its additional visible features or products parts can also be included through photographs. In a nutshell, additional product images should represent a strong outlook so that buyers can have enough information to look at that product.

✅ A close-up angle is mandatory for amazon products.

✅ Images can express a lot more expression than stated in theory. For that reason, images must be elaborated. For amazon product listing, images must include locations where and how they can be used, backgrounds, atmosphere etcetera. These kinds of images refer product’s usefulness in a different way and create clear information in the customer’s mind.

✅ Likewise main images, additional images must cover 85% of the frame.

✅ Some attractive and informative graphics or texts can be included to make that product more associative with the customers.

Avoidable things

✅ Any kind of sexually highlighted images should be avoidable.

✅ Products displayed on models should not adopt any kind of position. They must be standing while displaying products.

What to optimize?

Images contain various elements. All of the elements of a product must be optimized for the perfect visibility and to reach the top rank. Some of the must-optimized elements are listed below.

✅ image quality: all of the image guidelines should be filled strictly. By adding additional images in high resolution the product can be made more attractive.

✅ Products use and packaging: product’s packaging and other elements should be also photographed from different angles for informing customers. 

✅ Product videos: Short videos representing the product’s usefulness, and features can be added to optimizing products. Customers will get a quick view of that product.

The Business world has grown rapidly over the years. It faced an immense reformation after the world got introduced to digitalization. So it is necessary to know the acceleration of new changes and move in a smart way. Sellers should have the ability to read consumers’ minds. They must be aware of competitors, prices, needs, and wants of the customers. Hopefully, this blog will help people who want to move smartly and tactically in the competitive business world. Anyone will get straightforward directions on how to optimize amazon product image.