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Business Globalizer is a one-stop solution provider that helps entrepreneurs. Our services are to help them choose the right business substance.

Business Formation

Company registration is crucial when it comes to running a company. We at Gliztech can help you globalize your business by helping your business register in both local and foreign countries like the USA, UK, and Europe. We offer a range of Business Formation packages so, call us for details.

Bank Account

The most important department in any business is the financial department. The financial department basically manages the cash flow of the business. We can help you set up the medium by which your business will do your financial transactions by setting up Bank Accounts on both offshore and onshore.

Payment Gateway

So, after working hard now it’s time to get paid but, how will you get paid. Clients give you cheques which might take time to get it cashed. In terms of Cash payment, it might be risky. Nowadays clients like to pay their bills digitally. We will set you up with the best and most secure payment gateway and will implement this gateway in your apps, website, social media platforms, and much more.

Business Address

A business’s authenticity comes from the place where your business resides. It gives your customers the confidence and trust that the business is real. We at Gliztech will get your business address according to your location needs and verify it with physical codes as well as digitally.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is a delicate problem that should be handled by an expert. Fortunately, Gliztech has extensive experience when it comes to preparing tax papers so that your business never gets blacklisted.


VAT/EIN/TIN are essential requirements for any business and getting that documentation might be hard due to the complex process. We at Gliztech have the knowledge and experience to make the process much smoother so no more worry with documentation.

Warehouse Support

To maintain and stock products you must have a warehouse that has a good environment and proper documentation. We are expert sources and we will source you out of the warehouse in accordance with your requirements.

Trade Mark Registration

Your brand is your identity, and to keep that identity intact you must have the proper trademark to your brand. We at Gliztech will take care of your trademark registration with ease anywhere like USA UK or Europe.

Business Phone Number

Customers always call organizations to know about the services. Suppose a customer sees your advert on social media and wants to know more about you but couldn’t find a phone number, as a result, you will be losing a customer. We at Gliztech will Set up a business phone number and can set up automated replies, as well as multi-channel replies according to your requirements.