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For a company or business, some documentation like EIN/ITIN/VAT plays a crucial role. For example, Employer Identification Number for the business owner, Tax Identification Number for tax filing and submission. Again a business also needs to register a VAT against the total income. Moreover, a Social Identification Number acts as an international identity to open as well as operate a company or business.


Gliztech is offering you to register your VAT for business. Open an account and you can submit or pay any taxes effortlessly. We can also prepare tax files along with submission for your company or business in the world.

EIN Support in Gliztech


Are you searching for an Employer Identification Number to operate your business in the USA or any other parts of the world? Gliztech is providing consultancy and services related to EIN.


While you are doing business, filing, and submission of tax is mandatory. Our Tax Identification Number service will ease the process for a company or individuals to submit or filing taxes anywhere from the world.


Social Security Number is generally a number that is given to US citizens or permanent residents. However, a non-US Citizen can also have an SSN Number. Gliztech is providing services to occupy SSN in the USA.