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A Complete Amazon FBA Automated Store Services

How does it work and how long does it take to start making money?

We saw the opportunity to serve clients who don’t have the time and experience to build an e-commerce business.
We’re focused on you. Your performance. Your experience. Your time. Your freedom. We’re here to build your business that grows in value and stands the test of time.




Done for you e-commerce. done the right way

- Provides our 150+ Partner stores with profitable wholesale products that we send in to their FBA accounts for them. And also we habe successful Private Lebel Partner stores.

- If your inventory doesn't sell within 180 Days of arriving in FBA account, we can buy it back or replace with different inventory to best turn over your working capital in revenue!

- If your initial investment isn't made back within 18-24 months, you'll have the option to sell us your store back for the difference in what you paid and what you've earned to date!

With our collective buying power (think Costco), GlizTech is able to secure and provide name brand products for it's partners to sell.

- You decide how much inventory you want to order and send in to your store; the more your inventory sells through, the more your revenue and profits should compound!

After your store setup is complete, we only see profit AFTER your store profits and you keep the majority of it depending on what tier store package you select.

our working process


Research & Development

- Deep Market Research
- Demographics
- Competitor


Sourcing and Design

- Product Assigned
- Creation Product & Design
- Sample of Product


Factory Selection

- Quality Assessment
- Final Sourcing
- Initial Order Placed


Production & Shipping

- Product in Production
- Brand Registry & Trademarks - Inspection of Product


Product Launch

- Product Shipped & Listing Created - Product is in Store - Marketing Campaign Begins

what we are offer?

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Amazon automation services, such as those offered by Gliztech, provide a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs looking to enter the e-commerce space with minimal effort. These services include the creation, management, and scaling of an Amazon FBA automated store. Clients benefit from access to top-tier inventory with fast sales and high margins, as well as the opportunity to sell in categories with high barriers to entry, potentially yielding higher returns due to less competition. Each client is assigned a dedicated success manager to assist with strategy and queries. Gliztech’s confidence in their service is underscored by three guarantees: a sales target achievement within two years, inventory buy-back at cost if necessary, and a commitment to work for free until the store is cashflow positive. These assurances are designed to mitigate risk for investors and underscore the company’s commitment to client success

our walmart store result

4k Profit in 24 days Walmart Automation Services.
Walmart Automation Store by GlizTech

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our client's review

Here we show one of our client’s successes of the Walmart store. They are ready with a high credit line with us. We build a long-time partnerships with our clients. He makes about $1K profit in just 7 days.

our client's review

Here we show one of our client’s successes of the Walmart store. They are ready with a high credit line with us. We build a long-time partnerships with our clients. He makes about $1K profit in just 7 days.

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Meet the team behind Gliztech

GlizTech has its registered and operational office in the USA. Let’s take a tour of our operations HQ with the CEO of GlizTech.

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why choose Gliztech?

We put your money to work, so you can put your mind at ease.

Their Offer

High Initial Investment

They require a hefty upfront fee limiting the dreams of budding entrepreneurs eager to start.

Money is locked in, few opportunities to get out.

Many opportunities require a long fixed period before any money can be cashed out.

Limited control

Others require following external rules and decisions.

Low margins

Targeted and realized margins are lower than clients expectations.

Market saturation

Lack of research and advisory expertise can result in product recommendations which will not succeed.

Limited guidance

Lack of personalized support and commitment you deserve.

High new worth liquidity

Often neglecting the individual financial needs and aspirations of their clients.

Others give you templated solutions and limited support hours,

making you feel isolated in crucial moments and without the comprehensive assistance you deserve.


Our Offer

At Gliztech, we offer an affordable entry point to Amazon FBA success.

We strive to provide a Limited Initial capital model that opens the door for more entrepreneurs to launch their Amazon businesses!

With us, not only do we offer the potential for a steady Cash Flow,

but we also provide the opportunity to sell your store if and when you choose!

Gliztech offers you full Ownership of your Personalized Brand.

You’re not just another seller; you’re a brand owner!

With us, you can expect a High Target ROI.

We’re here to help grow your money, not just maintain it!

Our Dedicated Team is Committed to Your Success.

With Gliztech, you’re never left to navigate the waters alone.

We offer Unique Products designed to sell, Deep market research.

We help you carve out your own profitable niche.

We provide Packages Across Income Levels to Best Suit You.

Our services are tailored to match your financial capability.

Our Dedicated Team is Committed to Your Success.

With Gliztech, it’s a Done-for-You service with access to a Team Member 24/7, through chat, email, and video calls. We’re here when you need us!

our store result

risk-free buy back guarantee*

At GlizTech, we’re all about backing our clients, and our Risk-Free Buy Back Guarantee is a demonstration of that commitment. This assurance aims to provide a safety net, while also offering you the potential for a successful venture into the Amazon marketplace.

Here’s how it works:

If, after 2 years from the launch of your Amazon FBA store, your total earnings have not exceeded your initial investment made through our service, we may offer to buy back your store and pay you the difference.

frequently asked question (faq)

Who is Gliztech?

Gliztech is a one-stop-shop for eCommerce Automation services such as, Amazon Automation Services, FBA Related Services, Walmart Consultation. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are always available to assist our clients with Amazon, Walmart, and eBay’s dropshipping services. Furthermore, both new and current stores have access to the Amazon TOS (Terms of Service). You may argue that we are the most significant eCommerce automation company.

How long has Gliztech Amazon Automation Consulting been around?

The visionary driving our success is Mahfuz Tushar, the sole Founder & Owner of the company. Mahfuz Tushar has been an Amazon sales maverick for over seven years. His clients have generated an impressive $250 million in Amazon sales in just the past two years, a testament to his prowess and experience in the industry. What’s more impressive? He built this success story from the ground up, without relying on external assistance or funding. When you partner with Gliztech, you’re getting the benefit of that same self-reliant, results-driven mentality. Let’s build your Amazon success story together.

Is there a limit to how big you can grow your Amazon store?

The sky’s the limit! The potential for growth of your Amazon FBA store is virtually infinite, limited only by the selection of right products and inventory investment.

Am I able to log in to my Amazon store at any point?

Of course! This is your business. You can access Seller Central at any time. Our role is to provide expert management, but you always have the reins. We believe in transparency and giving you full access to your business.

How involved in the process do I have to be?

Our services are designed to give you the freedom to be as involved as you wish. Given that we offer a “Done-for-You Service,” our team of experts handle all the intricate details of establishing and running your Amazon store. We take care of everything – from opening your Amazon store, selecting the right products based on meticulous research, developing and manufacturing the product, shipping, creating listings, to marketing and managing the store. In essence, you can lean back and enjoy the journey while we do the heavy lifting.

Did you need any licensing for this?

No. At Gliztech, we handle all the intricacies. We trademark the products and register the brand with Amazon on your behalf. In certain cases, we even secure patents for products as needed. This is part of the comprehensive, worry-free service we offer to set your business on a trajectory of success.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! Confidence in our services allows us to offer an unparalleled 2-Year Money-Back Guarantee.
Our commitment to your success is such that if your store doesn’t earn back your initial purchase within three years of launch, we step in and buy everything back, while also covering the difference. This isn’t just a guarantee; it’s our promise of shared risk and mutual success.
With GlizTech, you’re not just investing in an Amazon store, you’re investing in a partnership committed to your financial success. We stand by our work, and we’re ready to prove it. Let’s embark on this journey of prosperity together.

How many people work for Gliztech Amazon Automation Consulting?

As of July 2023, we’re proud to say that our robust team comprises 35 talented professionals based both domestically and overseas, all dedicated to driving your Amazon business success.

Is FBA better than dropshipping?

Absolutely. Amazon prohibits dropshipping, and if caught, they will shut your store down and hold your deposit payment for 180 days or more. With Gliztech, you own a branded Amazon FBA store, selling unique products backed by deep market research. It’s a safer, more profitable choice.

How many stores do we manage?

We’re proud to actively manage over 148 stores, a testament to the widespread trust our clients place in us. Each of these stores is a unique success story, a beacon of entrepreneurial achievement in the vast Amazon marketplace. This scale doesn’t only reflect our growth but also the growing number of entrepreneurs we’ve helped unlock new avenues of income. When you choose Gliztech, you’re not just another store; you’re joining a thriving community of successful Amazon business owners. We’re excited to count your store as our next success story!

How long has your oldest client been with you?

Our oldest client has been thriving in the Amazon marketplace for about 4 years now, grossing several thousand per month. This enduring partnership stands as testament to our commitment to long-term, sustained success for our clients.

What can my expected returns be each month?

We emphasize Return on Investment (ROI), aiming to maximize profits for each product in your store. Our strategy and market insights are designed to target products that we believe can deliver an ROI exceeding 65%. Please note, while our team has a proven track record, individual results may vary.


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Whatsapp: +8801685338857

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